Death Valley is breaking records and living up to reputation this week

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Keeping our reputation for being the Hottest Place on Earth! Preliminary data puts yesterday's high temperature at 130°F (54.4°C)! If verified, this would be the hottest temperature officially recorded on Earth since 1913 (also recorded in Death Valley)! Quick data: 130°F recorded at 3:41 PM PDT on Sunday, August 16, 2020 (pending verification) Previous August 16 daily high temperature record: 125°F Previous August monthly high temperature record: 127°F In July 1913, temperatures of 130, 131, and 134°F were observed. This week's forecast includes an extreme heat warning, as temperatures are forecast to be up to 130 degrees again today, and in the 120 degree range for the rest of the week. It is so hot, in fact, that our display thermometer tends to glitch! This thermometer at Furnace Creek Visitor Center reads a few degrees hotter than the official National Weather Service thermometer most days, given that its sensor is closer to radiant heat from the metal posts. A link to weather archives for Death Valley can be found at: 📸: NPS/J. Jurado 📍: Furnace Creek Visitor Center Image: a thermometer that reads 133F/56C (one section of the 3 isn't displaying) in front of a brick building that reads Furnace Creek Visitor Center.

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According to the NPS this thermometer at furnace creek tends to be a couple degrees hotter that the official weather center, because of it proximity to the concrete, but dang that is hot. If it stands as official it will break the records from 1913 that are often questioned as accurate. And make yesterdays 130 mark seem a bit cool???

If you are headed to Death Valley bring water an maybe an extra set of tires, How hot is too hot to drive on pavement?

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