Popular Alabama Hills Trailhead Road Access Compromised. Foot Traffic Only

Alabama Hills, CA – March 3, 2020 – The Granite View Road is closed to vehicles at the Inyo National Forest boundary until further notice due to substantial safety concerns. The closure is at the mouth of the Tuttle Creek Canyon on Inyo National Forest land. It does not affect access to private lands or to BLM lands along the road.

The road is washed out in several places and on a narrow ledge above a steep canyon. There have been several serious accidents, including some where vehicles have crashed 500 down the embankment. In addition to the safety concerns, recovery of these vehicles is difficult and has led to resource damage.

Most visitors do not drive this short stretch of road because of the condition and Inyo National Forest staff advise that this segment is often impassable. However, recent accidents underscore the need to close this part of the road for safety.

This road is most noted for its access to the trailhead to hike to the Tuttle Creek Ashram and visitors can still walk along the road to access the trailhead. 

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