The best images from sierra rec magazine staff while visiting the Hoover wilderness in California

Staff favorites from our adventures into the Hoover Wilderness

Hoover wilderness is one of the most rugged and beautiful secrets of the Sierra Mountain range. Visitors enjoy days hikes, backpacking, fishing, photography and more. We hope you enjoy our favorites

Sonora Pass

Hire A Pack Guide Out Of Leavitt’s Meadow And Enjoy The Backcountry

Exploring Hoover Wilderness

20 Lakes Basin

20 Lakes Basin – Hoover Wilderness

An Epic Adventure Awaits in The 20 Lakes Basin Of The Hoover Wilderness

Lundy Canyon

Discover Lundy Canyon

Fall Family Hikes in The Sierra

Virginia Lakes and Green Lakes Canyons

Discover Green Creek Canyon

Top 6 Bridgeport Day Hiking Trails & Destinations

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