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How To Dress for a Horseback Ride in the Sierra Mountains

How To Dress for a Horseback Ride in the Sierra Mountains
Written by Kayla Beirne

Horseback riding is thrilling, especially when you’re going through the Sierra Mountains. Use this guide to wear the right boots on your adventure!

Knowing how to dress for a horseback ride in the Sierra Mountains will help you plan outfits for your next trip. For example, you need to wear the right pair of Western boots for horseback riding and pack appropriate pants. But you’re not always trying to dress in Western fashion as you do these fun outdoor activities.

Know the Types of Cowboy Boots

The first step is to know the different types of cowboy boots and how to wear each. There are many different kinds, but some include:

  • Classic Western boots: Cover the knee with a shaft around 12 inches long.
  • Western work boots: Designed for outdoor work with little to no heel.
  • Riding boots: Meant for horseback riding, they may have a high shaft to protect the shins.

If you need a pair for outdoor activities, you’ll probably want some riding boots or work boots. You’re not dressing to make a statement but to explore the outdoors, and the proper boots help you do this while also protecting your feet. 

Pro Tip: Know When To Wear Your Boots

Cowboy boots come in various shapes and types, so while some boots are best for ranching or running, others strictly represent country fashion. When you’re horseback riding, you need boots that cover the shin and have a small heel, as these features make riding easier. The heel, for instance, makes it easier to mount the horse and keeps your foot in the stirrup. On the other hand, shin covers protect your legs from branches and bushes that may otherwise scratch you.

Dressing for Horseback Riding

Whether you’re on vacation or taking a day trip, you need to know how to dress for a horseback ride in the Sierra Mountains. Appropriate clothing for horseback riding includes a helmet, long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and, of course, riding boots! 

The appropriate gear doesn’t just help you have a great time horseback riding in the Sierra Mountains; it also ensures that you stay safe. 

Know Where To Ride

As you ride in the Sierra mountains, check out some of the best sites. One of the top places for adventurers is through Yosemite. This beautiful location is a favorite for many travelers! But many also rave about Kings Canyon National Park, Leavitt’s Meadow and Lake Tahoe. Regardless of where you ride, it’s a great way to get out and explore the beautiful West!

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