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Horseback Riding in the Eastern Sierra – Fay Luther Trail in The Carson Valley

A friend of ours (Andi Van Berkum) in the Carson Valley sent over a few photos of their Horseback Ride on New Years Day in The Carson Valley.  Looks like a gorgeous ride this time of year. Weather on News Years was a bit brisk but enjoying the trails on the Eastern Sierra  was a popular choice to start the New Year.
Horseback trail riding is very popular in the Eastern Sierra Mountain trails. These photo shots are of Fay Luther Trail which is in The Carson Valley off Hwy 88. It is maintained by the Carson Valley Trail Association.
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The Fay Luther Trail connects with the Jobs Peak Ranch Trail-head which are 3.5 miles apart. There is a total of about 9 miles of loop and connector trails to choose from.  The Interpretive Loop provides interpretive signs about the area. There is no trail access to Jobs Peak.
Bikes and Equestrians: All trails are open to mountain bikes and equestrians except for part of the Fay-Luther/Jobs Peak Ranch Trail between Jobs Peak Ranch Trailhead and the Valley View Loop. This section of trail has loose soils, cable steps and modest terrain challenges. Most of this section is also within a Douglas County trail easement on private property which allows hikers only. Mountain biking is difficult on many of these trails because of sandy, loose soils. Horse trailer parking is present at the Fay-Luther Trail-head only.
Andi is local Horseman that lives and works in the Carson Valley. See spends a lot of time riding her horses on the regional trails and we will look forward to sharing a few trail reviews with her in 2015. All Photos are from Andi Van Berkum and her local trail rides.
How about you? Where do you like to ride your Horses in The Sierra? Send us you trail adventures and photos to we would love to share your adventures.


Carson Valley Morning. Happy New Years Ride awaits


Carson Valley Sunrise by Andi Van Berkum


Paying our respects at Fay Luther Cemetery – By Andi Van Berkum


The Fay Luther Cemetery


Fay Luther Trail is open to Horses, Pets and Mountain Bikes.


Open Trail ahead


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