Inyo National Forest is Will Remain Closed to All Activities Heading into Sept 25th Weekend 2020

Inyo National Forest – Mammoth Ca – Sept 23, 2020 – Over the past few days, the Inyo National Forest has been looking at options to re-open the Forest in a modified manner and we have shared that tentative plan out to various permittees, recreation residences, and at the Creek Fire meeting yesterday. We were making a concerted effort to provide opportunities on the forest for visitors and to  let our community be aware of what we were thinking as a forest.  

This morning, we received  direction from the Regional Office that the Forest closure would be  extended another week for the 9 Forests that are currently closed.  This includes the Inyo National Forest.  I anticipate that the new extended closure orders will be signed tomorrow as the current order expires. 

The Regional Office decision is based on the continued hot and dry conditions that remain in the forecast for the upcoming week and continued firefighting resources limitations.

We know that the closure affects our permittees who conduct business on the Inyo as well as other local businesses who serve the tourism industry and we know that this has been a difficult year for many reasons. 

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