Free National Parks Admission on Saturday across the Nation

Saturday April 17th 2021 We kickoff a week long celebration of National Parks. families and visitors an enjoy free admission on Saturday to any national park across the country.

National Park Week 2021 logo with an eagle flying near a mountain

Each National Park week has themed days top enhance user experiences in the parks.

Saturday April 17th is ParkRx Day –

During National Park Week, give yourself the gift of good health by finding wellness in nature on International Park Prescription (ParkRx) Day on Saturday, April 17, 2021.

This year we invite you to experience wellness in nature and become a Park Health Ambassador!

Infographic describing the six steps to becoming a park health ambassador within the power of parks for health initiative.
Six steps to becoming a Park Health Ambassador NPS/Michael Mojarro
  • Contact with nature improves your physical, mental, and spiritual health.
  • Getting outdoors can make getting exercise more fun, can boost your mood and your immunity, and combat obesity.
  • For children, getting outdoors foster active play, which is associated with physical, cognitive, and social benefits.
  • For adolescents, getting outdoors improve mental and social health during what is often a challenging time of life.
  • Getting outdoors is also linked to physical and mental health benefits, overall quality of life among adults, especially older adults.
  • Nature’s health benefits can be enjoyed by simply viewing a tree from your window.
National Park Week 2021 Volunteer Day logo

Volunteer Sunday is happening on April 18, 2021, as part of the annual National Park Week celebration. It also kicks off National Volunteer Week! Join us on social media as we thank our volunteers and share your own VIP experiences using #NPSVolunteer and #NationalParkWeek.

Military Monday 2021 Logo

Military Monday is happening on April 19, 2021, as part of the annual National Park Week celebration. Join us on social media as we thank our military for their service and share your own park experiences using #MilitaryMonday and #NationalParkWeek.

National Park Week Transformation Tuesday 2021 Logo

Transformation Tuesday is happening on April 20, 2021, as part of the annual National Park Week celebration. Join us on social media as we explore various transformative park experiences and share your own using #TransformationTuesday, #NPSOnTheMove, and #NationalParkWeek.

National Park Week Wayback Wednesday logo

Wednesday in happening on April 21, 2021, during National Park Week, a nine-day celebration of the enjoyment and preservation of the nation’s natural and cultural heritage. But you are encouraged to explore history in parks and your neighborhood any day of the year. Share your memories on social media using #WaybackWednesday and #NationalParkWeek.

National Park Week Earth Day 2021 Logo

Earth Day is happening on April 22, 2021, during our annual National Park Week celebration. Join us on social media as we explore the earth sciences and stewardship. Share your Earth Day experiences and favorite memories with parks using #EarthDay and #NationalParkWeek.

Logo for National Park Service Friendship 2021

During National Park Week, and especially on Friendship Friday on April 23, 2021, join parks and programs as we thank our partners.

Partners can be individuals, groups, or organizations. Partners may be big, small, local, national, emerging, new, or established who may predate their partner park or program. The community of partners includes engaged citizens, passionate volunteers, cooperating associations, concessions, civic groups, or philanthropies all of whom share our mission.

National Park Week Junior Ranger Day logo

National Junior Ranger Day is also celebrated National Park Week –

The Junior Ranger Program is a great way to explore national parks. You can learn about nature sounds, night skies, or even the Transcontinental Railroad! You’ll also learn why national parks matter and how you can be a part of the team that helps keep parks healthy.

We don’t care what age you are—just “explore, learn, and protect” your national parks online and become an official Junior Ranger! Look for the virtual badges you can print out and post on your refrigerator.

The NPS Kids Portal is where to start your virtual national park experience and participate in fun activities and special online programs for the whole family. Check out online and printable activities along with virtual tours, videos, and webcams from national parks all across the country.

National Park Week 2021 BARK Ranger Day logo

BARK Ranger Day is happening on April 25, 2021, as part of the annual National Park Week celebration. Join us on social media and share your pet’s fun park experiences using #BarkRanger and #NationalParkWeek.

National parks are going to the dogs! Our furriest family members can become part of the BARK Ranger pack by modeling these best practices when visiting parks:

  • Bag your pet’s waste
  • Always leash your pet
  • Respect wildlife
  • Know where you can go
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