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Screamin Energy ~ Just The "Pick Me Up" I Needed On My Sierra Snowshoe Adventure

After Miles of Snowshoeing, A Quick Screamin Energy” Max Hit” Was In Order

March 28, 2017 – Typically speaking I am an over packer. I always head to the trail with too many supplies for the day and more than enough layers.  Which makes this product review unique for me, as today’s snowshoeing adventure was doomed as I forgot to pack my lunch. Lucky for me I had planned on trying the Screaming Energy Max Hit Mocha Shot on this adventure and had placed in my bag.  It proved to be just the pick me up I needed on today’s snowshoe adventure.
Carson River Vital 4 U Product review
I received the Vital 4 U  Screamin Energy Max hit product about two weeks ago to review and have now used the product 4 times.  Each for different reasons but today’s was planned expedition on snowshoes where a little energy kick could be just what I needed after a few miles on snowshoes.   The Snow in the Sierra this season has been epic and with my snowshoes, I have explored areas of the National Forest this winter that I have never ventured into without the trail. Today in Hope Valley was no exception. Snow is still probably 4+ feet deep in Hope Valley so walking the forest along the river is such a great experience.
Stopping to take photos and a little video to share on the Social Channels was just too easy, but was so was just walking and wandering through the valley. The truth is I have no idea how many miles I covered today. I snowshoed for about two hours around the valley before heading back to the car. I stopped by the west fork of the Carson River, it was awesome and decided a little pick me up would be in order.
Screamin Energy Max Hit by Vital 4 U is a great tasting product. I have always liked liquid vitamin supplements, but I am not a huge fan of cold coffee. So when I received the product, I was a little uncertain of the Mocha flavor and how I would react if I was really needing a boost. However, to my pleasurable surprise, I found the Coffee Mocha flavor pleasant as it left no aftertaste and was quite refreshing. Packed with 1 g of protein & loads of B Vitamins, this little 3.5 oz. liquid energy packet might just make it into my everyday pack.
Each ready to drink Screamin Energy Packet has 40 Calories, 9 Grams of Sugar, 100% of your B12 DV and a blend of Ginseng, Taurine and 185 mg of caffeine.  It comes with an easy to tear top and requires no mixing, just rip it open and drink. Each Packet is 1 fl. Ounce and requires no additional water or mixing of any kind. It is an incredible space saver for my day pack.
So, ok one little packet of power does not replace a good trail lunch, however, the fast acting energy delivered from this supplement was great and I did enjoy my hike back to the car.
Over the past week, I have used this product once during work to snap out of that late afternoon nap feeling, and once in the morning after having to get up at 4 am to get my son to the bus for a track meet. Just needed a little boost as quick as possible without starting the coffee pot. Never once have I felt weird or jittery. Just a calm alert feeling. That is a very pleasant surprise. I did have one instance of using the product where I got a sharp headache. However, I must say I had been doing an excessive amount of digital media use just before hand and over the next hour afterward, which Screamin Energy Max hit by Vital 4 Ucould have been the reason for a headache.
Overall I have enjoyed the Vital 4 u Screamin energy Max Hit Supplement and plan to continue using on the trail and when life calls for a pick me up.
Carrying supplement items like energy drinks, food bars or simple sugar bites are always recommended when hiking or exploring in the forest.  The overall amount of calories used while exploring combined with the distance traveled requires that we keep a well-stocked bag of calories /energy which is quick to access. In the last 10 years, we have seen great advancements in energy supplements. Products such as Vital 4U Screaming Energy, have made preparing for and enjoying backpacking, day hikes, and adventure sports so much easier. The Screaming Energy Pouch is the size of my hand and its tough foil lined pouch holds up well in a pocket of my daypack or jacket pocket.

Screamin Energy Max Hit Can be purchased online in a 12 pack up to a 384 piece pack. Starting at $17.00. However for our readers they are offering a 25% one time  discount if you would like to give it a try. Just enter Code: SRMAG at the checkout and save 25% instantly.


Screamin Energy Max Hit is Manufactured in California
One reminder, we would throw your way if you choose to use a product such as Screamin Energy Max Hit.  If you Pack it in, Pack it out. This little foil pouch folds up nicely and will easily fit in a pocket or bag to carry out your waste.

Product Review of Vital 4 U Screamin Energy Max Hit Product – Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Screamin Energy Max Hit for free from Vital 4 U in consideration for a gear review.
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