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A Winter Gear Bag Update: C2 Extreme Tights A New Required Element For Winter Adventures

Sierra Rec Magazine Publisher Discovers “New Favorite”  In Adventure Gear Layer

Product Review:  C2 Extreme Tights

C2 Extreme Tights product Review Sierra Rec Magazine

C2 Extreme Tights keeping me warm in the chill of the Sierra Wind and Snow

Don’t put away your winter gear just yet, in the Sierra.  As the forecast for this week is calling for up to another 4 feet of snow in early April. But maybe better advice would be to check out this new product we tried call C2 Extreme Tights and consider adding to your winter gear bag. It is not often I try a product for the first time and know that I just discovered my favorite gear in any particular category. Well, today I want to share with you the C2 Extreme Tights. Never heard of C2, me neither, so when I was presented with the opportunity to try them out I had to look them up to discover they were an American based manufacturing company, making a new set of adventure gear to battle the temperatures.
If you know me at all, you know I don’t’ wear tights.  As a matter of fact, I consider myself “over layered” on most outings, which typically consist of blue jeans, thermals and snow pants if I am out exploring the snowy Sierra. But Now I have found a much better way to explore with these C2 Extreme Tights.
The first thing I noticed with these tights is how soft the polar fleece felt to touch and then the second fabric style below the knee. My interest was piqued immediately.  A little skeptical that the fleece would keep me warm in the Sierra Snow and wind, but encouraged that the bottom half of the tight seemed to have a rugged quality to them which would hold up to both the snow and the underbrush while I snowshoe through the forest.  My wife was skeptical when she saw me put them on at the house before I left on my adventure because I hate being hot in the car, she figured I would hate these pants within 20 miles.  I would rather freeze in the woods than being hot in the car!
My adventure for testing these Tights out was to Alpine County about a 20-minute drive from the house. A clear day with a typical cold Sierra Wind across about four feet of packed snow should give me a great test.  I really wanted to “test” these tights out so even with 40-degree temps and a chilly wind this is the only layer I had worn the bottom. Immediately, I realize how much movement I had in these tights, such a free feeling as I snowshoe along the river valley in Hope Valley.  The Polar fleece was so soft, flexible and comfortable and the zipper calf with the wind and abrasion-resident outer layer helped the tight stay in place with my boots, making the entire feel of the product extremely satisfying. After an hour in snowshoes and plenty of cold wind gusts, I already knew these were my new favorite gear. Never a hint of cold on my legs, and to my surprise, I also was not overheated or sweating in the polar fleece. A Perfect blend of warmth and moisture absorption. I don’t mind telling you that I had no intention of taking these off after my adventure.
The C2 Extreme Tights with Power Stretch fleece are made in the USA, they have a Unisex fitting chart (XS to XL), which may seem a little odd however they are so comfortable, it won’t bug you later. I am a large man with a 38″ waist and 32″ inseam, they fit great.  They come in Black only with a the tougher
Outer shell on the bottom a gray color.  If you enjoy any type of outdoor winter activity, I would recommend these from a pure movement perspective, let alone the comfortable warmth they provide.

Now along with these new Extreme tights I also was able to try out the C2 Elite Half Zip with Power wool top. This one was a little tougher for me to love as I am not a huge fan of tight-fitting items on my torso. Being a larger guy tight items tend to accentuate the bulge areas if you know what I mean. However from a product performance point of view, another great item for C2. The Elite Half Zip is your all-day-adventure base layer. Made for next-to-skin wear, this top is C2 Elite Half Zip product review by Sierra Rec Magazinedesigned with ultra-lightweight Power Wool. It kept the moisture off my body and allowed me to stay warm in the wide open exposure of the Sierra Wind. The Half zip feature and stretchy nature of the top made it easy to take off and put on as needed in my adventure, (I did not wear this one in the car). For this reason, I would also carry the half zip with me instead of traditional thermals. Mainly because I find traditional thermals tend to ride up and expose the mid-section as I move in the outdoors. Never once in several hours of snowshoeing di I have to adjust my top or pull the C2 Elite Half Zip down to cover my belly.
Not quite as soft at the C2 Extreme Tights, but comfortable all the same. The 65% polyester, 35% wool blend includes a merino wool interior and a synthetic fiber exterior. The company claims the item to be odor resistant, and I am happy to say, I believe that to be true.  Overall this was a great addition also to my winter gear.
I will be adding this layer to future tests and outing to see how durable it is in spring hikes. Look for further reviews as I really get into spring layering in the Sierra.

Product Review of the C2 Extreme Tights – Disclosure of Material Connection: I received C2 Extreme Tights and Half Zip for free from C2 in consideration for a gear review.
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