Spooner Summit off HWY 50 on the east side of Lake Tahoe is a popular hiking and Horseback riding destination on The Tahoe Rim trail. Easy access, variety of parking options and multiple hike options from Spooner provide hikers and adventure seekers of all levels an enjoyable afternoon on the Tahoe Rim Trail. TRT small 2015-01-17 10
Hiking the Tahoe Rim trail in 2015 is getting off to a fast start as the limited snow fall in the sierra has create great early season trail conditions and easy access without snowshoes for several miles of the trail from the main entrance.


Marlette Lake above Lake Tahoe off the Tahoe Rim Trail

Saturday I got out and decided to hike toward Marlette Lake from Hwy 50 with the dogs to see how far I could get before major snow. What a great hike.
The Tahoe Rim Trial, on this segment weaves through the hill side gradually climbing the entire time as you walk along the Ponderosa pine forests and manzanita bush.  As you start out on the hike you Spooner Lake below and at this time Spooner is still frozen over from earlier snow and freezing temperatures.
Moving on up the trail the trail has several vista points  that are marked for hikers. Great stopping points for a selfie or photo op of Lake Tahoe or the Carson Valley. Each Vista on the way up is marked by a post and large rock out cropping providing viewers multiple levels and vantage points.

About an hour to an hour and half up the trail you reach the second Vista point which provides incredible views of both areas again plus a unique vantage point for the the Sierra Mountains and Pinenut mountains that surround the Carson Valley.
It is here , early in January 2015 that we find our first real snow. However it is not deep and easy to travel over for another 1/4 mile or so . At this point on today’s day trip I turned around. I often do day trips that are just over 2 hours long in the Sierra.  For me a 2 hour hike in Nature is just a great break from life.
This is a highly recommended hike right now and in the summer.  The Manzanita bush smells incredible, the views are rewarding and the trail is very peaceful. The Tahoe Rim trail is very well maintained by the Tahoe Rim trail Association, in the middle of winter there were fresh cut trees that had fallen in the latest storms, already removed from the trail for our enjoyment.
Here are a few more photos of this trip.


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