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The New Montem Diadema 18L Daypack Is A Light and Easy Day Trip Essential

Diadema 18L Day Pack  Provides Quick Access and Easy Packing

Sierra Rec Magazine – Product Review, March 2018 – While playing in the Sierra this year has been less than desirable as far as the snowfall accumulation we have seen, the one undeniable fact is we have had great weather for getting outdoors and exploring.  For me, that meant the time to get out often and along the way try out some new gear for the upcoming hiking season.  I am looking for a lighter pack that also has the capacity to hold more water and the added layers I often like to take with me hiking. In this review, we test out the new Montem Diadema 18L Pack.
The new Montem Diadema 18L day pack may be the perfect solution. Straight out of the bag I noticed how light the fabric and entire unit felt versus my current pack.  This pack had no outside pockets or netting and the straps dont have any wasted padding which bulk up the weight of some packs.  The deep stuff bag-style pocket opens with a drawstring top making access quick and easy and the inner pocket to hold my 2L water bag comes with a simple Velcro loop to hold the top of my water bag in place.

So Much Space

So much space in this 18L pack, I was able to over-pack to my hearts’ delight.  Seriously, I am avid over packer for my day trips.  Food, water, layers, survival package, first aid kits, extra gear just in case etc…  all of it goes with me on my trips if possible.  Admittedly, this is a bit excessive at times, but I love knowing I can fit it all in this new pack.
The front pocket zipper is perfect for car keys, wallet, compass, maps etc… Easy quick access point.
Once loaded up, the true test of this pack will be how it carries with the weight and with less padding while on the trail. So in the last month because of the mild Sierra season, I was able to get out on several snowshoeing and hiking adventures to test if this pack would indeed work for the summer season approaching.

Comfortable Carry

The New Montem Diadema Day Pack is very comfortable and light even with a full load.  I found the pack was very easy to carry and because of the large space it even carried my bulky Canon Camera with ease coming done an icy trail off Eagle lake in the Desolation Wilderness.  I did miss the extra water pouches on the outside of the pack as I have come accustom to bringing extra water on my hikes and using the water bottles for easy access at times instead of the water bag. However, on my second trip, I did find that I carried extra water bottles in the pack and used them later in the trip on stops with easy access.
On a recent trip to Bryce and Zion Canyon, I used the pack to have a convenient easy access pack while traveling across Nevada and Utah. Prepacked with essentials for a quick overnight at the hotel, saved me from packing an entire suitcase.
The durability of this pack seems to be in great shape as the lightweight water-resistant ripstop nylon is ultra light and the tear resistant design handled a couple bushwhacking episodes over the last couple trips out.
As I plan my summer day trips and possibly even an overnight or two in the Sierra, this lightweight pack will a new favorite item in my gear selection. I have no reason to believe that it will not hold up and provide comfort in my Sierra hikes.

One Wish

Ok, I have one wish on this pack, although it has a pocket for my water bag and a great little opening for the straw to poke through on top, there is no additional attachment on the shoulder strap to keep the straw in place. Would love to see the company add a slip through a sleeve on front of the strap to control the direction and placement of the water straw.
Hope you find a great pack this summer for your adventures. #goexplore

Product Review of Montem Diadema 18L daypack– Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Montem Diadema 18L daypack for free in consideration for a gear review.  This review is 100% my opinion of this product from real trials. None of the copy is provided by the vendor.
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