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Caldor Fire – Morning Update – Sept. 1, 2021

Written by sierrarecmagazine

Small victories Yesterday give Hope to Firefighters in saving Kirkwood and Steering Fire Away from south Lake Communities

South Lake Tahoe – September 1, 2021 – We sit here this morning with new evacuation warnings in Douglas County Nevada from the Caldor fire and another Red Flag day that will raise the alerts for the Caldor fire all day. And yet the news of success and small victories seem to creeping out early this morning from yesterdays action. The Caldor fire now at 204,000 acres burnt continued its advances yesterday above Meyers and South Lake Tahoe.

High winds and Red flag conditions caused Douglas County Nevada to put additional warnings out for communities on the other side of the mountain from Lake Tahoe, placing the entire region along Foothill RD (Runs along the Base of The Carson Valley at the Mountain up to Heavenly Ski resort) on Emergency Alert. Of course it was the 4pm Emergency Alert yesterday to Residence on Kingsbury grade and the Nevada Side of South Lake Tahoe that caused a bit of concern and the Emergency Alert required immediate evacuations as the fire grew more powerful as the evening winds arrived in South Lake Tahoe.

Today crews prepare to again defend the homes in South Lake Tahoe as the fire approaches the outer limits of the Heavenly Ski resort region. The fire climbs along Trimmer Peak yesterday and firefighters along Pioneer Trail rd were able to backburn away from structures and help turn the fire towards the mountains hoping to use the granite to help slow the fire. Winds were not as bad as predicted last night and firefighters found success in preventing Structures from burning.

Today the Fire has potential to reach Heavenly or to turn furthers South between Freel and Monument Peaks as it heads towards Nevada State line. Of course if winds blow the wrong way spot fires back into the city are still a very real threat.

Heavenly Ski Resort yesterday turned on the Snow guns similar to Sierra At Tahoe to try and add some moisture to the forest around the

Kirkwood Resort

At Kirkwood fire teams were able to hold a line the protected Kirkwood Resort and all the structures in the area. The fire has crossed over Hwy 88 in Locations West of the resort. With favorable wind conditions Tankers have been active dropping retardant and firefighters have been able to focus efforts on fire defense around structures.

Morning News for AbC10 reporter spoke of teams getting a good nights sleep last night as the fire was being monitored and structures being protected. Yet 1 mile West of the resort turn off the AbC10 team has video of fire burning on both sides of the road near Thunder Mountain trail area.

Todays Cal Fire Update:


The fire remained very active overnight due to the extremely poor humidity recovery and warm temperatures. Spotting continued to occur with spots being found up to .5 miles away from the edge of the fire. The fire continued to back down towards Highway 50 in Division F & G with slow rates of spread. Today firefighters will face more dry conditions and strong winds with gusts up to 35-40 mph in some areas. The current red flag warning remains in effect through 11:00 p.m. on 9/1/21.

To better provide public and firefighter safety due to extreme fire conditions throughout Northern California, and strained firefighter resources throughout the Country, the USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region is announcing a temporary closure of nine National Forests. This closure will be effective on August 22, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. through September 6, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. The closure order can be found at

Local Assistance Center: 

Address: 6699 Campus Drive, Placerville, CA 95667. Located at Folsom Lake Community College, El Dorado Campus, Fitness Center Building.

Hours: Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Wednesdays 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Evacuation Order:

  • South of Highway 88 along the Amador/El Dorado County line from Dufrene Road, due east to the Amador/Alpine County line and from the Amador/Alpine County line north to Highway 88. This includes the area of Kirkwood Lake.

Evacuation Warning:

  • South of the Amador/El Dorado County line along Highway 88 from Dufrene Road west to Omo Ranch Road.
  • North of Tiger Creek Road east to Salt Springs Reservoir Road to the east end of the Salt Springs Reservoir.
  • West of the Amador/Alpine County line to Highway 88.
  • East of Highway 88 to the Amador/Alpine County line

Road Closures: 

  • Highway 88 is closed between Peddlers Ridge and the Highway 88/89 interchange.


Evacuation Orders:

  • Grizzly Flat: The areas on Grizzly Flats Road east of Kendra Way into Grizzly
  • Flats Proper. The areas of Diamond Railroad Grade, Old School House, Sweeney Road, Caldor Road, and Steely Ridge.
  • Grizzly Flats Road east of four corners in Somerset into Grizzly Flats Proper.
  • The areas of Myers Lane, Varmet Ridge Road, Rodwell Canyon Road, Snowbird Lane, and Mehwald Lane.
  • East of Sly Park Road between Highway 50 and Mormon Emigrant Trail to Ice House Road. This includes the communities of Pacific House and Fresh Pond.
  • North of Highway 50, east of Forebay Road to Ice House Road.
  • Intersection of Perry Creek and Hawk Haven, the East side of Fairplay Road from Perry Creek South to Cedarville Road. This includes Slug Gulch, Omo Ranch, and all roads off of Slug Gulch.
  • All roads off of Omo Ranch from Cedarville Road to Hwy 88.
  • The area between Highway 88 and Mormon Emigrant Trail
  • South of Highway 50 from Snows Road to Ice House Road.
  • Between Highway 50 and Slab Creek from Snows Road to Ice House Road.
  • South of Highway 50 from Ice House Road to Silver Fork Road. This includes the community of Kyburz.
  • North of Highway 50 from Ice House Road to Silver Fork Road to include Ice House Reservoir, Union Valley Reservoir, and Loon Lake.
  • Silver Fork Road in Kyburz east to Twin Bridges.
  • North and south in a line extending from Twin Bridges to the Placer County line and south to the Amador County line.
  • From Twin Bridges east to Echo Summit.
  • From Highway 50 South to Amador/ Alpine County Line.
  • From Highway 50 North to Flag Pole Peak.
  • Pleasant Valley Road and all intersecting roads extending south from Newtown Road to the intersection of E-16 (Mt Aukum Road).
  • All roads accessed from E-16 (Mt Aukum Road) between Pleasant Valley Road and Bucks Bar Road.
    • This includes all roads and residences accessed from Moon-Shadow and Gopher Hole Road off Bucks Bar Road.
  • Christmas Valley from Highway 89 West to Echo Summit
  • Highway 89 due West to Watershed Ridge/Echo Summit and South to the Amador/El Dorado County line.
  • The area from Luther Pass Road, north along the El Dorado/Alpine County line to Armstrong Pass. West from Armstrong Pass to Upper Apache at Meyers. West on Upper Apache to Highway 50. West on Highway 50 to Highway 89. South on Highway 89 to the El Dorado/Alpine County line. This includes all homes on both sides of Highway 89.
  • The area from Upper Apache at Meyers, north along Highway 50, to Elks Club Drive. East on Elks Club Drive to Pioneer Trail, extending due south to Upper Apache at Meyers. (This includes all homes off of Oneidas, Mandan, Apache, Ottawa, and Player).
  • The area North on Highway 50 from Highway 89 to Saw Mill Road. West on Saw Mill Road to Angora Ridge, extending to the Echo Summit. 
  • Desolation Wilderness from the watershed ridge to the CA ENF/CA TMU wilderness boundary. From the El Dorado/Placer county line to Echo Lakes.
  • The section from Emerald Bay north to the Placer county line in Tahoma, extending west to the border of Desolation Wilderness.
  • The area from Sawmill Road at Lake Tahoe Blvd. extending north to Pope Beach. Along the water’s edge to Eagle Point. From Eagle Point west, to Desolation Wilderness, across Emerald Bay.
  • This is the area North of Elks Club along Highway 50 and the West side of Pioneer Trail, also including the streets of Hekpa, excluding the residences west of the airport, this segment includes all residences accessed from Jicarilla, Washoan, and Glen Eagles. This also includes the Golden Bear neighborhood, and the neighborhoods of Cold Creek Trail, High Meadows, and Marshall Trail.
  • Northwest of the South Lake Tahoe Airport and west of the Highway 50 / Lake Tahoe Blvd and Highway 89 intersection to include the South Lake Tahoe High School, Tahoe Verde and the streets accessed from 5th through 15th street south of Highway 89.
  • The area East of Pioneer Trail to the Alpine County Line stopping South of Heavenly Ski Resort, excluding all residence off of Pioneer Trail.
  • All residences with the Tahoe Keys community & all residents accessed from the streets connected to Tahoe Keys Blvd, staying East of 3rd Street.
  • East of Highway 50/ Highway 89 at the at the Lake Tahoe Blvd and Highway 89 Highway 50 intersection. This includes the area of Barton Hospital & the area of Winnemucca to the “Y”. Also North of Highway 50 west of Tahoe Keys Blvd following along the north side of Highway 89 through the end of town prior to Pope Beach.
  • From the evacuation order line in Twin Bridges east to the Echo Summit and from Highway 50 South to the Amador & Alpine County lines & North to the Placer County line.
  • Dry Lakes Section: This section is North of Wentworth Springs Road up to the Placer County line and the remaining section of El Dorado County South of Placer County to Loon Lake.
  • The area from Sawmill Road at Lake Tahoe Blvd. extending North to Pope Beach. Along the water’s edge to Eagle Point. From Eagle Point West to Desolation Wilderness, across Emerald Bay.
  • The remaining area of the Lake Tahoe Basin. From the Alpine/El Dorado County line, North along the California/Nevada state line to Lake Tahoe. North along the water’s edge to the El Dorado/Placer County line. West along the El Dorado/Placer County line to McKinney Lake.
  • All residences off of Lakeview which is west of Highway 50 North of Blue Lakes Road & East of Tahoe Keys Neighborhood.
  • All residences on both sides of Highway 50 for the streets connected to O’Malley, Lodi, Silver Dollar & Rubicon Trail.
  • The residences between Al Tahoe on the East side of Johnson Blvd to include the streets of Treehaven & Fremont & extending to the East to all residences West of Ski Run & East of Pioneer Trail.

Evacuation Warnings:

  • North of Slab Creek to Wentworth Springs Road between Sand Mountain and Loon Lake.
  • Mosquito Road from the bridge North to include the Community of Swansboro.
  • North of Highway 50 to Slab Creek between Smith Flat and Snows Road.
  • South of Highway 50 to Pleasant Valley between Smith Flat and Snows Road, and North of Pleasant Valley between Holm and Newtown.
  • South of Pleasant Valley between Bucks Bar Road and Newtown Road, East of Bucks Bar Road to Kingsbury Drive.
  • Southwest of Bucks Bar Road to Ladies Valley Road including the community of Outingdale, Ant Hill Road, Perry Creek Road, and Sand Ridge between Ladies Valley Road and Bucks Bar Road.
  • East of Mt Aukum Road (E16) from Bucks Bar Road to Omo Ranch Road. North of Omo Ranch Road to the intersection of Omo Ranch Road and Fairplay Road.

Road Closures: 

  • Highway 50 is closed in both directions from the Sly Park Road exit to the California/Nevada stateline.
  • Highway 89 at the Placer County/ El Dorado County line in Tahoma


Evacuation Order:

  • Highway 88 at Forestdale Road. West of Forestdale Road and south to the Pacific Crest Trail Crossing. West of the Pacific Crest Trail to the Summit City Canyon Trail. West of Summit City Canyon Trail and south to the El Dorado / Stanislaus National Forest Line. El Dorado / Stanislaus National Forest Line west to the Alpine and Amador County line.
  • North of Highway 88, along the Alpine/El Dorado County line and Armstrong Summit to the Nevada state line. West of the Nevada state south to Luther Creek. Northwest of Luther Creek to Woodfords. North of Highway 88 and Highway 89 to the Alpine/El Dorado County line.

Evacuation Warning:

  • North of Highway 89 from Woodfords due north to Luther Creek at the Nevada State line.
  • East of Forestdale Road and south to the Pacific Crest Trail Crossing.
  • East of the Pacific Crest Trail to the Summit City Canyon Trail.
  • East of Summit City Canyon Trail and south to the El Dorado / Stanislaus National Forest Line.
  • El Dorado / Stanislaus National Forest Line east to the northern lake edge of Upper Blue Lakes.
  • North of the North-west Lake edge of Upper Blue Lake to the southern aspect of Hawkins Peak and to Woodfords junction.
  • South of Highway 88 at Woodfords Junction to Forestdale Road.


Evacuation Orders:

  • Upper Kingsbury (South)
  • Upper Kingsbury (North)
  • Central Kingsbury
  • Lower Kingsbury
  • Round Hill region and roads including Lower Elks Point
  • Lake Village
  • Lower Olivers, Kahle Drive region and roads
  • These Evacuation Orders will include areas from Highway 50 at Lake Parkway, East to Elks Point Road (excluding Stateline Casinos) and State Route 207 (Kingsbury Grade) from Highway 50 to Tramway Drive, including all area roads North and South of Kingsbury Grade.

Evacuation Warnings:

  • Zone 2
  • Any homes or property located on Foothill Road from Centerville Lane north to Muller. Included in this zone is the valley side of Kingsbury Grade and any homes that are accessed by Foothill Road between Centerville Lane and Muller Lane.
  • These communities are asked to be on the alert and start preparing for potential evacuations. Evacuations have not been ordered at this time, however there is potential for evacuation orders in the near future and road closures are imminent. Please stay vigilant, pay attention to emergency phone alerts, and have a plan in place.



  • Shelter
    Green Valley Community Church
    3500 Missouri Flat Road
    Placerville, CA
  • Shelter
    Cameron Park CSD
    2502 Country Club Drive
    Cameron Park, CA
  • Shelter
    Rolling Hills Church
    800 White Rock Road
    El Dorado Hills, CA


  • Temporary Evacuation Point
    Italian Picnic Grounds in Sutter Creek
    581 Hwy 49
    Sutter Creek, CA 95685


  • Shelter
    Truckee Veterans Hall
    10214 High Street
    Truckee, CA 96161


  • Shelter
    Truckee Veterans Hall
    10214 High Street Truckee, CA 96161
    Douglas County Community & Senior Center- Douglas Co. Residents Only
    1329 Waterloo Lane, Gardnerville, NV
  • Shelter
    Reno Sparks Convention Center
    4590 South Virginia Street, Reno, 
  • RV Dry Camping and Large Animals
    Dayton Event Center/Rodeo Grounds
    500 Schaad Lane, Dayton, NV
    Lyon County Fair Grounds
    100 95A East Yerington, NV



  • El Dorado County Animal Services (small animals)
    6435 Capitol Ave.
    Diamond Springs, CA
    For animal evacuation questions or assistance call (530) 621-5795
  • Saureel Vineyards (large animals) FULL
    1140 Cold Springs Road
    Placerville, CA
    (530) 621-5795


  • South County Large Animal Rescue (SCLAR)
    Amador County Fairgrounds (large and farm animals)
    El Dorado County residents only
    18621 Sherwood Street
    Plymouth, CA
  • Amador County Animal Response Team- ACART
    Amador County Fairgrounds (large and small animals)
    18621 Sherwood Street
    Plymouth, CA
    For Amador County residents only
    (209) 257-9444


  • Reno Sparks Convention Center 4590 South Virginia Street, Reno, NV *Limited crates and space available for pets.
  • Lyon County Fair Grounds – Dry Camp Only
    100 95A East, Yerington, NV
  • Dayton Event Center/Rodeo Grounds – Dry Camping Only
    500 Schaad Lane, Dayton, NV
  • Douglas County Fairgrounds
    920 Pinenut Road, Gardnerville, NV

Warning to Media Crews

Current Issues with Media, California Penal Code 409.5
Placerville – The El Dorado County Sheriff, Amador County Sheriff, Alpine County Sheriff, CAL FIRE, and USDA Forest Service appreciate the vast majority of media
partners who have cooperated with deputies and fire personnel and acted responsibly during this fire incident.  It has come to our attention that a few members of the media have been impeding the progress of the firefighting efforts and going on to private property without permission of the property owner.  This activity cannot and will not be tolerated. Action will be taken if it persists.

We have been professional in our cooperation of providing access to areas and we expect the same level of professionalism and adherence to the rules from our media
partners. State law (Penal Code section 409.5, please review here) grants the right of duly authorized members of the media to enter evacuated areas.  It is widely understood that media personnel assume the risks involved when entering a closed area, and they cannot accept that liability on behalf of others.  As an example, media cannot enter crime scenes, National Forest System lands under a Forest or Regional Order closing forest trails, roads or areas, or onto private property without prior permission. Nor can they impede the firefighting efforts of any fire incident.

It is our desire to help our media partners get the information they need to share with the public, however we will not tolerate blatant disregard for firefighter safety. The first responders appreciate those members of the media who adhere to the rules, and we know that there are only a small percentage of media personnel who are unaware of or disregard the rules and laws.  We ask that you share this information with your media partners.  It is our desire to allow news organizations to share information without placing the first responders and the public in unnecessary danger.

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