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Hiking the Rubicon Trail in South Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe from Rubicon Trail
Written by sierrarecmagazine

A Great South Lake Tahoe Day Hike from DL Bliss State Park to Emerald Bay

Seeking a easy o moderate day hike in South Lake Tahoe which will bring you to the shore of Emerald bay plus provide you visual of some of the deepest blue waters in Lake Tahoe, may we suggest you give the Rubicon Trail out of DL Bliss State Park down to Emerald bay a try.

Parking near the entry gates of DL Bliss State Park we took a trail that cut off the beginning stretch of this trail which starts directly off the beach at DL Bliss. The trail is pretty much a all downhill hike with lots of Rock and tree coverage for most of the trip coming down from DL Bliss this hike is 4.5 miles down to Vikingsholm Estate. Of course that means coming back to the car is all up hill with a vertical climb of over 1000 feet.

Besides getting to Emerald Bay and taking a swim in Lake Tahoe our favorite parts of this hike were the multiple locations on the trail where the color blue in the water and picture worthy locations along the trail just make you stop and wonder if it could get any better.

Also what we learned on the way back is the hike out to the old Light House, found on the route we skipped on the way in is a great location and the trail around there is specatular.

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