National Forest UpdatesSpark, NV., May 29, 2020 – The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest will open its Nevada campgrounds under Governor’s Sisolak reopening directives for Phase 2 of Nevada’s Roadmap to Recovery, beginning this Saturday, May 30. Group campsites, group day use areas, and visitor centers in Nevada are still closed. In alignment with State of California guidance, Forest campgrounds and group day use areas in California remain closed.

“We want to thank the public for their patience during these unprecedented times. The Forest’s priority is always to protect the health and safety of both the public and our employees,” said Forest Supervisor Bill Dunkelberger. “As the public comes back to enjoy their favorite campground, we encourage them to continue to follow the latest state and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) health guidance.”

The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest has rescinded the Forest Order that limit group sizes to less than nine people. While the Forest Service understands there may be some excitement from the public to return to campgrounds, please continue to follow the State of Nevada safety guidelines, which include restricting group sizes to no more than 50 people and continuing social distancing.

Forest officials also stress the importance of practicing Leave No Trace principles (, which include planning ahead and being prepared, sticking to trails, disposing of both trash and human waste properly, minimizing fire impacts, leaving what is found, keeping a safe distance from wildlife, and being considerate and kind to other people.

Campground Camping Areas

Austin Ranger District Officearea descriptionThe Austin Ranger District is located 170 miles east of Reno in north-central Nevada. The District’s over 1 million acres are located near what has been dubbed the loneliest highway in America, U.S. Hwy 50. Highway 50 runs through the town of Austin, population approximately 250, and home to the Austin Ranger District Office.Please contact the Austin Ranger District with any questions or comments @ 775-964-2671

Carson Ranger District Office

The Carson Ranger District extends along the eastern front of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, straddling the Nevada and California border with a land base of approximately 368,600 square miles. The District is about 15 miles wide and near 100 miles long and stretches from the Dog Valley area northwest of Reno, Nevada heading south along the Carson Range, passing between Lake Tahoe and Carson City, then continuing further south to Alpine County in California and ending just north of the Sonora Pass and Highway 108 area.If you have any questions or comments please contact the Carson Ranger District @ 775-882-2766

Ely Ranger District Office

The Ely Ranger District makes up approximately 1.1 million acres of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest and extends over three Nevada counties: Nye, White Pine and Lincoln. Ely, Nevada, located in the heart of the District, is the nearest town and houses the District office.The District lies approximately 240 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada, via I-15, State Highways 93, 318 and 6; and 190 miles south of Elko, Nevada, via I-80 and State Highway 93.If you have questions for comments please contact the Ely Ranger District @ 775-289-3031

Jarbidge Ranger District Office

The Jarbidge Ranger District of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest offers approximately 243,907 acres of relatively undiscovered recreation opportunities. Elevations range from 6,000 feet to the Matterhorn Peak at 10,839 feet and the area provides a wide range of temperature, vegetation, and opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. Visitors can enjoy quiet campgrounds, hunting, stream fishing, or one of the least-used wilderness areas in the nation. For residents of Elko County or southern Idaho, this northern Nevada mountain range is within a two-hour drive.If you have questions or comments please contact the Jarbridge Ranger District @ 775-752-3357

Mountain City Ranger District Office

The Mountain City Ranger District comprises approximately 450,000 acres of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. The district lies approximately 84 miles North of Elko, Nevada on State Highway 225 or 12 miles South of Owyhee, Nevada on State Highway 225.If you have any questions or comments please contact the Mountain City Ranger District @ 775-738-5171

Ruby Mountains Ranger District Office

The Ruby Mountains Ranger District is made up of the East Humboldt and Ruby Mountain Ranges. These mountains contain spectacular scenery and a variety of recreational activities. The district covers about approximately 450,000 acres with elevations ranging from 6,000 feet to 11,387 feet at Ruby Dome.If you have any questions or comments please contact the Ruby Moutain Ranger District @ 775-752-3357

Santa Rosa Ranger District Office

The Santa Rosa Ranger District makes up approximately 280,000 acres of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, 40 miles north of Winnemucca, Nevada. It can be reached by traveling north on State Highway 95 to State Route 290 (Paradise Valley) and Forest Road 792. This forest road is very scenic with Paradise Valley on one side and State Highway 95 on the other.If you have any questions or comments please contact the Santa Rosa Ranger District @ 775-623-5025

Spring Mountains National Recreation Area Office

The Spring Mountains National Recreation Area (SMNRA) is part of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. Better known to locals as Mount Charleston, it is located just 30 minutes from downtown Las Vegas and encompasses more than 316,000 acres of remarkable beauty and surprising diversity.Enjoy snow-capped mountain peaks that are surrounded by desert and are home to over 50 sensitive plants and animals, some of which are found only in this special area and nowhere else in the world. The panoramic mountain range provides a quick getaway and a haven for solitude.If you have any questions or comments please contact the Spring Mountain National Recreaction @ 702-515-5400

Tonopah Ranger District Office

Located off U.S. Highway 95, approximately halfway between Reno and Las Vegas (a little over 200 miles from each) is the largest ranger district in the lower 48 states: Tonopah Ranger District. The district encompasses approximately 1.12 million acres on the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. Tonopah, population about 2,800, is the nearest town and houses the district ranger office.If you have questions or comments please call the Tonopah Ranger District @ 775-482-6286

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