New Exclusive IV Boat Club Opportunity in Lake Tahoe has Familiar Roots to Tahoe Water Sports

Sierra Rec Magazine -Lake Tahoe – May 2020 – Just imagine, friends are coming in from out of town for a few days, weather is hot and the the Lake is screaming for your attention. If only you had a boat or access to a boat for a few days. Introducing an exclusive solution, the Lake Tahoe IV Boat Club. A new boating experience for Lake Tahoe area is launching this summer on the shores of Lake Tahoe.

Opening a boat club business during a national pandemic was not the original plan for Chris Rozzo. For years Chris and his partners have enjoyed success in Lake Tahoe as one of the trusted rental companies that tourists and locals rely on to fully experience all the Lake Tahoe has to offer on the water. Part owner of the Elevated Water Sports, the Tahoe Boat Club is a business model that Chris has wanted to bring to Tahoe for years. The Idea that a group of people could share in the ownership and use of top of the line boats and boating experiences with out all the hassles and maintenance of owning your own boat just seemed like a natural fit for one of America’s most popular lakes.

The IV Boat Club will operate in Lake Tahoe this summer with it’s first Axis Wake T22 | 22 Foot Wakesurf & Wakeboarding Boat.

How a membership at IV Boat Club works:

The IV Boat Club offers members the opportunity to have all the benefits of a full time boat owner with out the hassles of storage and maintenance of a high end boat. Members of the boat club can reserve the boat for a day, night, weekend etc based on a rolling reservation system. Each boat in the IV Boat Club model will have a maximum of 8 assigned members per boat. Reservations for the boat are ideally made with a four day advance reservation system for members and includes the boat and all the accessories to enjoy the wake capabilities of these Axis T-22 boats. Reservations can be booked online or on the phone. Each member can have 4 days or 8 half days (or a combination totally 4 days) booked in advanced. After one day or half day is used another reservation may be made. Boats have everything you need for a day on the water including life jackets, ski vests, tube, tow rope, wakeboard, and wake surf board. Water skis available by request

Members also get substantial discounts a on all rentals from their rental operations. Typical boating season in Lake Tahoe runs June through October with obvious seasonality effects on the beginning and end of the season.

Just like joining any other private club being a member has social benefits. For one time out on the lake with family and friends provides for great memories and a whole new world of activities such as wake surfing, tubing, and water skiing. As a member you also get to attend events where you can socialize with other members. Getting out on the water is a great way to meet other people that spend their time boating on Lake Tahoe as well. Whether its being anchored up at a secluded beach or grabbing lunch at one of the lake front restaurant you are sure to meet other people that share the same passion for Lake Tahoe and boating. 

The IV Tahoe Boat club has several membership packages available now in Tahoe but Chris also notes that the first year membership is limited until the company establishes more boats in both Tahoe and potentially other regional Lakes.

Chris and his partners still plan to operate the rental industry shops at elevated sports and look forward to working with both local and visitors on how to best enjoy their time on the lake in Tahoe. With current restrictions on boating and visitor activity allowed at the lake, rentals with Elevated Water Sports or Membership with IV Boat club are the perfect solution to enjoy Lake Tahoe.

Discover your own Tahoe shoreline favorites with your Tahoe IV Boat Club membership


  • Unlimited boat access with maximum of 8 members per boat
  • Captains available by request
  • Use of paddle boards, kayaks, and other watersports gear on a
    first come first serve basis
  • Multi-day use by request
    -Members only events and discounts

For more information of the IV Boat Club or to learn more about Tahoe Water Rentals Visit or or call 775-391-6622

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