Alpine County Carson Iceberg Wilderness Fishing and Hunting Scenic Route 4 - Ebbett's Pass

Fishing Scenic Route 4 – Ebbett’s Pass

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Ebbett’s Pass for those who choose to drive along its skinny mountain lanes provides some of the regions best high mountain lake fishing access.

Mosquito Lakes

Plop your chair down right next to the highway (if you dare) and fish through the Lilly pads and grasses for Sierra Rainbows. A great place to take the family fishing, it is often crowded during the summer season along the road. Stoked with plenty of fish , fishing is typically good til September.

Kenny Reservoir or Kenny Lakes

Options include roadside deep blue water pools of short back country hike into two additional mountain lakes for brook and Lahontan cutthroat trout. Kinney reservoir along Hwy 4, located just before you reach the peak of Ebbetts pass and the PCT has limited roadside parking but provides access for non-motorized floating and shoreline fishing. Lower Kinney Lake can be reached with a short 1 mile hike up to the lake via the dirt road across the Kinney reservoir dam.

Highland Lakes

Highlands lakes is a set of twin lakes which feed two different river systems one of them drains south into the Stanislaus River watershed while the other discharges its water north into the Mokelumne River drainage in the Sierra. Located several 5 miles south of Hwy 4 the lakes provide great camping, shoreline fishing offer good fly fishing and spin casting. Float tubes work well on the lakes except when the wind comes up.

Stream Fishing the Mokelumne River

Mokelumne river hwy 4
Mokelumne river hwy 4

Fly fishing or stream fishing along the Mokelumne river also can also provide a great afternoon of fly fishing or stream fishing experience. Access can be limited for easy shore line, Hermit Valley and a stretch along the dirt road to Highland lakes provides easiest access.

Silver Creek

Because it parallels Highway 4 there are sections that are fished regularly by visiting anglers. Other parts of the creek, a little more difficult to access, are neglected by many and left to the more adventurous. Bait and fly fishing are the most popular approaches along this narrow creek.

Lake Alpine

Because Lake Alpine is a popular destination for camping and various Summer outdoor activities. This lake can become a bit crowded in your favorite fishing holes. However reports are that the fish are always biting! Located on Highway 4 between Arnold and Markleeville this is the largest roadside lake available off Ebbetts pass. Kayaks, floats tube are popular choices on Alpine Lake. Trophy trout fishing in the High Sierra.

Spicer Reservoir

Once the road opens this large high sierra reservoir provides plenty of water activity to guests. Traditional Lake fishing opportunities. Stocked with Eagle Lake rainbows and Kamloop trout. German browns are in the lake, but rarely caught.

Utica/Union Reserviors

Both these smaller lakes are good fishing destinations also. Union is stocked with rainbows, while Utica is home to native trout which are a little harder to catch. Both lakes also have brown bullhead catfish which can be caught easily from the banks.

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