Sierra Nevada University is one of the best places to go if you are into outdoor activities and
sports. The university’s unique location makes it the perfect school for anyone who is athletic
and wants to keep up their physically active lifestyle. On the other hand, there are other
advantages to studying at this university. Hence, here are the ten benefits to choose Sierra
Nevada University.

1 Paddle Boarding on Lake Tahoe

One of the most popular outdoor activities at Sierra Nevada University is paddle boarding on
Lake Tahoe. The lake is located not far away from the university campus, so you can go there
any day you like to enjoy paddle boarding – and it doesn’t matter if it’s your first or
hundredth time engaging in this activity.
Lake Tahoe is a popular destination for paddle boarders that is famous for its clear water and
fresh air. Besides, the view is absolutely breathtaking around the lake, so you will be able to
enjoy the gorgeous forest and mountains too.

2 Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are other two activities popular with students and tourists alike. The
resort on Mountain Rose was established way back in 1964 and is quite well-known today. It
has over 60 different trails over 1200 acres that can be accessed through the eight lifts
available at the resort.
If you are a beginner, you will find it easy to adapt to a new type of activity and start skiing
or snowboarding regularly. If you are an expert, you will be able to challenge yourself by
trying the advanced runs. And in case you get tired of the mountain, you can pay a visit to
Lake Tahoe – it is quite beautiful in winter.

3 Backpacking the Tahoe Rim Trail

In case you want an immersive experience in the locale, then you would definitely be
interested in backpacking or hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail. This kind of activity is ideal for
those who want to explore remote places in the Sierra Nevada University area.

One of the best things about backpacking here is that you can have multiple-day hikes and get
to places that are unreachable in a single day. The trail is well-marked so you can hike on
your own – or you can get an experienced guide to lead you.

4 Rock Climbing the Mountains

The mountains in the Sierra Nevada area are an attractive destination for rock climbers, so
you can also engage in this activity. Trad climbing here is generally done on the Donner
Summit, Calaveras Dome, Woodford’s Canyon, and Lover’s Leap, but there are smaller areas
you can try too.
Though the mountains are covered in snow for a substantial part of the year, both
backpacking and rock climbing are still possible during the warmer months. Besides trad
climbing, you can also try other types of rock climbing, including sport, toprope, and boulder.

5 Biking for Beginners and Professionals

If there’s backpacking, then there’s likely biking – and there sure is around the Lake Tahoe
area. Some of the most well-known bike paths and trails around here include Lake Tahoe
East Shore, Pope Baldwin, Sawmill Road, The Flume, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and Star lake
Both beginners and experienced bikers will enjoy the activity. You can hire an expert biking
writer from the writing services reviews site Trust My Paper to create a report for you on the
trails you can try depending on your biking experience. Alternatively, you can do some
online research and decide where to go yourself.

6 Vibrant Social Life Among Students

Even if you aren’t a particularly athletic person, you will still be able to enjoy a number of
other activities as a student. There is a particularly vibrant social life among the Sierra
Nevada University students, so you will always find a party to attend or a group of like-
minded people to hang out with. Alternatively, you can spend hours on your own in the
nature if you are more of an introvert!

7 Small and Friendly Community

Speaking of the community, it is relatively small and quite friendly. Because the university
isn’t very populous, you will get to know other students and professors fairly quickly.
Knowing each other that way can make your experience particularly memorable because you
will feel a family-like spirit going to this university.

8 Close Relationships with Teachers

Thanks to the size of the community, you will get to know both students and teachers. This,
in turn, means that professors are keen to develop close relationships with students. Your
teachers will know you by name and will provide you with valuable feedback anytime you
ask. It’s perfect for students who want to feel valued and heard as well as those who prefer
smaller, tightly-knit communities over bigger ones that can be overwhelming.

9 Affordable Thanks to Scholarships

Though the tuition at Sierra Nevada University may seem a bit high at first, studying at the
school is actually quite affordable for many students thanks to the scholarships. Compared to
many other colleges, Sierra Nevada University has an impressive selection of scholarships

that can help you get high-quality education in an ideally-located school. On the other hand,
even the high tuition is worth it considering all the extra activities you get to try.

10 A Beautiful and Easy-to-Navigate Campus

Last but not least, the campus of the university is very beautiful which has been noted by
pretty much every student who has gone to Sierra Nevada University in the past few years.
All the facilities look good and are easy to access and navigate. You will never get lost and
the town where the university is located will be like a second home to you.
The Takeaway
All in all, Sierra Nevada University is a very friendly university where you will definitely
find like-minded people if you are into sports and outdoor activities. Consider these ten
benefits of going to this school and choose the best university for your future education!

Donald Jefferson

Donald Jefferson

Donald Jefferson is a freelance writer and editor who is always looking for opportunities to share his ideas in areas such as traveling, lifestyle, technology, and digital marketing.

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