Yes we understand that most people head to Kirkwood ski resort for world class skiing. However if you are like me you enjoy the great outdoors all four seasons and winter is a great time to strap on the snowshoes and trek in places that often i miss in summer while logging miles on the trail.

Here is a short list of my favorite snowshoe locations near kirkwood. (Note these include only free locations as we assume you already know about Kirkwoods own snowshoe and cross country ski area which by the way is pretty awesome for a groomed set up.)

  1. Hope Valley – Hope Valley has multiple options for a day trip snowshoe hike. Literally just pull of the road in one of a dozen locations and strap on the shoes and start walking.. We love stopping just past the river on Hwy 88 and trekking through the trees back tot he river and out towards blue lake highway.
  2. Woods Lake / Carson Pass – Ok so parking here is not easy so getting set up to trek back into Woods lake off the highway is probably the most difficult here on the list, but the scenic value of this trek trumps all head aches to parking without getting stuck.
  3. Red Lake / Carson Pass – Limited Parking but this is a fantastic place to get your legs burning and hike in the trees or in open areas over a frozen lake during winter.
  4. Mud Lake Recreation Area – This is located just to the West of Silver Lake and Kit Carson lodge. Popular Snowmobile launch site and the trek includes one of my favorite vista views looking back over Silver Lake and onto the backside of Kirkwood.
  5. Silver Lake – Park at the campground locations and trek through the trees towards the Lodge and lake. simply brilliant.

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