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Ways a Lithium-Ion Battery Can Make Your Life Easier
Written by Kayla Beirne

Great big batteries likely aren’t something you think about very often, but they have more uses than you think. From relocation to transportation, lithium-ion batteries can be the difference between comfort and survival. So, what are some of the ways a lithium-ion battery can make your life easier? Read on to find out.

They Provide Back-up Energy

Self-reliance and self-sufficiency are admirable things, but they can’t keep you warm when the temperature drops and you’re living in a cabin that’s not connected to gas and electrical power. Setting up a solar-powered lithium-ion battery system can provide you with extra power where you need it. But lithium-ion batteries aren’t just for living in the middle of nowhere. If you have any electrical devices that need constant power—medical and life-support systems, computer setups, and emergency equipment all come to mind—a lithium-ion battery setup can be a literal lifesaver.

Lithium-Ion Batteries Have More “Punch”

Despite their size, lithium-ion batteries produce and store twice as much power as standard lead-acid batteries. Lithium’s reactivity allows it to store and release a greater deal of energy. These batteries’ high-density structure also makes them lighter, more portable, and easier to arrange where you need them than lead-acid ones. On average, lithium-ion batteries weigh about a quarter of what traditional batteries weigh. They also last longer and can be recharged for a longer life.

They Discharge and Charge Quickly

While lithium-ion batteries can provide a lot of power in a short time, they are equally easy and quick to charge. Lead-acid batteries take longer to charge (if they can be recharged at all) and tend to be less efficient during periods where more energy is needed in a short time, such as periods of inclement weather and other emergency situations. Extreme temperatures tend to sap lead-acid batteries of power but have less effect on lithium-ion batteries. By that token, lithium-ion batteries also recharge more swiftly than lead-acid ones, and they can be recharged many more times over a very long period.

They Keep Boats and Recreational Vehicles Going Strong

Still looking for ways a lithium-ion battery can make your life easier? How about when it comes down to bringing your boat or RV to the middle of some beautiful nowhere? That’s not a time when you want to check the fridge, operate the stove, or try to start the ignition and discover you have no power. Thanks to charging, lithium-ion batteries last longer and provide more power over a longer period than traditional batteries.

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