Bode Miller’s Signature Skis

Crosson Ski’s Brings on Miller to Lead Innovation Design and Testing

Olympic and World Cup Champion Bode Miller’s ski racing style was iconic. Instead of following the traditional European mode of technical precision, he raced as an expression of who he was as a person and achieved victory his way. His essence, as an athlete and person, is core to Crosson and he leads our innovation, testing, and design.

Bode Miller— winner of 6 Olympic medals, 5 World Championship medals, 2 Overall World Cup titles, 6 Overall Discipline titles, 33 World Cup wins, and 79 podiums — has joined Crosson Skis as the new Chief Innovation Officer. Bode’s career gave him inside access to work with big ski companies. His experience and penchant for innovation are now Crosson’s advantage. Fully in charge of design for the first time, Bode is excited to bring his ideas and expertise to work with the most advanced materials and ski-building equipment in the world.

From athlete to designer

“When I get on a kickass pair of skis it’s exciting, motivating, and pushes me to test my limits in new ways. I have wanted to build skis that give the average skier the chance to experience that same thrill. At Crosson, we leverage science, art, and craft to make great skis. We combine modern materials in new and creative ways to make our skis perform better for all abilities.” – Bode Miller

Evolution in tradition

Bode’s victories were won on traditionally made skis. During his athletic career, ski brands would rarely implement his ski design ideas. The Dissenter Series are a combination of old and new ideas Bode has always wanted to implement

Cloud Series – Premium Carbon Fiber

Playing with shapes, moulds, and different high-end materials such as Hexcel prepreg carbon fiber, Dyneema, vulcanized rubber, and NHS race base, the result are skis that are lightweight yet extremely damp and packed with energy, while still being nimble and playful.

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