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Never Carrying A Leash Again

New Release n’ Run Collar Frees Pet Owners and Pets From The Burden of Leash

Sierra Rec Magazine – Product Review – May 2017 –  We have two labs who love to play in the tall grass of the meadows, run the trails and chase rabbits in the desert behind our house.  But like many dog owners, we are alway balancing the need for a leash around others and in areas where safety for the dogs and wildlife is a concern. If you are like me finding the clip on the leash always seems to be a bit stressful in those situations as I try to be courteous and get the dogs on the leash quickly.

My Dog Was Confused at First When I  Didn’t Grab The Leash, But Soon She Just Loved Being Free

A solution for leashing your dogs quickly

Well, maybe I have found the solution. The guys at have developed a new Release N Run Leash that allows you to let your dogs run and not carry the leash. The leash is built right into the making of the dog’s collar and retracts back out of the way while the dog is running free, but is easily grabbed when it is time to walk the dog on the leash.
The concept of the Release N Run Collar + Leash is simple, a small 2″x 2″ box holding a retractable short leash has been attached to a standard dog collar then covered with a durable outdoor canvas type material. The leash handle peaks out of the protective sleeve just enough to be easily grabbed when needed and then release to retract once the all clear and the dog can run free again.


Is it tough enough?

So in our case, I tested this item with my smaller lab, who actually is not my best leash dog, she likes to pull me forward when on the leash.  To Rad Dogs credit in the instruction, it actually says this is not the ideal dog for this leash as the cord is strong, but not meant to be pulled on with continuous strain.   That being said, this was the dog I most needed the product for as she also likes to jump on people or lunge at other dogs on the trail.
Dakota at first didn’t like the extra bulk on her neck and acted a bit confused, but the excitement of a walk soon outweighed any concern.   We tested the collar as a traditional leash and a Run and grab situation. Even with here tugging, this leash performed well. As a matter of fact in our case, the shorter leash seemed to help her calm down and not pull as much.

Release and Go

The first time I let go of the leash and let it retract on the fly, kind of freaked Dakota out, she immediately snapped around and looked at what made that sound. I thought that maybe, I was not really supposed to just let it go, and would be better off and safe if I just easily let it retract in my hand then told Dakota she could run. Dakota, as typical of any young lab, had a ball, rabbits, and lizards everywhere, as she bound over 4-foot sagebrush looking for a creature to chase and paly with on our trek.
I whistled her back to check the feasible grab of the leash on the go, I whiffed on the first pass as she zoomed about three feet behind me, but grabbed it fairly easy the second pass. And sure enough, the short leash worked great. Dakota perked up and waited for instruction looking to see if there were people she needed to meet. We ran this experiment a dozen times on the trail after the second time I got the timing and placement of my hand right and was able to grab the leash on the first pass without too much trouble. And each time Dakota came to attention looked around and awaited instruction. But she loved when I would retract the leash and say go.

Perfect for the trail

I happen to live in one of those neighborhoods which does not like that I let my dog run free in the sage brush behind the house, so the use of this device even though it would work, will probably not replace the regular leash, if for nothing else release the fear of other walkers that I actually have a lease for the dog. However, this is the perfect trail collar for Dakota. She can jog ahead of me on the trail, bounce through the meadows and creeks in the Sierra and easily be leashed when other hikers or bikers come along our path.  The quality sewing the durable covering also fits my outdoor lifestyle and looks like it will hold up over some use on the trail.

Product Review of the Release n run Dog Collar by RadDog– Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Release n run Dog Collar for free from RadDog Company in consideration for a gear review.
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