4 Essential Oils That Will Help You While Camping

Campers pack a lot for cooking, hiking, and first aid. Essential oils are important items to bring on your next trip. Their different scents and mixtures can help you in various ways while camping, and knowing which ones to pack will make your trip more enjoyable. Read on to learn the best essential oils to help you on your camping trip, and use their properties to make your experience more comfortable.


Sleeping outdoors is challenging for some, but lavender oil can help you calm down and doze off. The soothing smell of lavender comes from the anxiety relievers: linalool and linalyl acetate.

This essential oil can help you feel less anxious about the outdoors at night and help you sleep peacefully. Use lavender oil diluted with a carrier oil as an anti-inflammatory for swelling from bug bites.


The smell of peppermint is appealing to humans and repelling for bugs. Peppermint can help you feel more at ease while camping. Peppermint essential oils can keep bugs away, reducing all that buzzing in your ears.

If you go van camping in places such as the Sierra, use peppermint oil to keep mosquitoes out of your van at night. Rub peppermint oil on your skin to keep bugs off while sleeping. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready for another day in the wilderness!


The benefits of lemon oil come from citric acid. Use this essential oil on the skin and surfaces at your campsite to kill bacteria. It also acts as a mild antiseptic but cannot substitute proper first aid.

Spraying essential oils in your tent can reduce stress and improve your mood. The refreshing scent of lemons may help you feel happier while camping.


The spicy smell of cloves is valuable while camping. This essential oil can reduce pain and cause a numbing effect on sore spots. Use clove oil on bug bites and scratches to ease your pain. A salve with clove oil is an effective application for bee stings. Be sure to ice the affected area after applying the salve.

Essential oils have many uses in the great outdoors. Take these essential oils on your camping trip to make your time in nature more enjoyable and relaxing!

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