Small Recreational Lake near Caples Lake provides great setting for family outing.

Woods Lake Day use recreational are is located approx. 2 miles West of Carson Pass Station and 1/2 mile East of Caples Lake eastern shore. If you have never taken the time to drive into Woods lake from Hwy 88, it is definitely worth a visit. This little mountain lake is home to a campground, and several old family cabins on forest service leases from many moons ago. is also a popular alternative route for hiking to Winnemucca Lake and Round top Lake for hikers looking for a little more climb and ton of wildflowers.

We have visited Wood slake many times as a day trip and a camper and on our latest adventure to the area we decided to bring along the kayak for a morning on the water as well as a few friends for fishing on the shore and a morning breakfast feat in the mountains.

I had never Kayaked on Woods lake. it is a shallower lake and a bit small, but with the tree and rock lined shoes as well as a couple Beaver Dams that I didn’t know existed on the backside I found it a very relaxing time on the water. Getting there early (8am) I was able to enjoy the lake for about an hour before another paddleboard showed up. Plenty of fishing on the shore line however was taking place.

There is a $10 per vehicle day use fee at Woods Lake but it does not seem to stop anyone and be 11 am the lake was full and all parking lots were filled with hikers, lake day use family units and camping overflow.

The Woods Lake Recreational Area provides many opportunities to get out and explore. Old Mining remnants in the canyon on bot the Winnemucca trail and the Round Top trail are well marked and easy to find. the trail system also is popular with backpackers as Fourth of July Lake, Round top and Winnemucca Lake provide Backpacking permits for backpackers at the lakes.

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