Public Notice from Sierra National Forest of Dangerous Algal Bloom

Mariposa, CA, July 16 2021- – The California Department of Fish and Wildlife(CDFW) conducted a water test along the Merced River near Hites Cove as part of the wadeable streams assessment and results show a high concentration of algae bloom.

The Sierra National Forest (SNF) would like to inform visitors who like to the Merced River at Hites Cove, not to swim, wade or allow their pets to enjoy the water. Due to Toxic Algal Mat for more information visit the Toxic Algal Mat FAQs web page

What are toxic algal mats?

While harmful algal blooms (HABs) are caused by algae or cyanobacteria that grow suspended in the water column (planktonic), some algae grow attached to the bottom (benthic) and can form algal mats. Some species can produce toxins, and if present, can pose a risk to humans and pets. You can report observations of potentially toxic algal mats using the Bloom Report.

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